Friday, March 27, 2009

Canyonlands Half Marathon and the 5 Miler

The goal as I left last year's Canyonlands Half Marathon was to come back in 2009 and walk the 5 miler.  I  had a great time watching Ben and Maren run last year and I thought that it would be even better to be a participant.

Due to some unexpected complications, my walking partner could not make it to Moab.  I thought all was lost until one of my super hero's flew into rescue me from walking alone.  We took it at a nice even pace and enjoyed the details that most of the racers flew by--  

I loved the mandolin player, the drums (who knew they were all women?), the lady that took her baby on her back, the older gentleman that talked to any and everyone that would talk to him along the way, the volunteers, the young kids that circled their grandparents, and all the finishers.

I learned a few things as well.  You can take water to the top of the hill, there is plenty of time to wait before the race begins.  It really does get hot before the race is over, stuff your jacket in the bag.  Remember gum.  Run the last 50 yards at the very least or the announcers make way too much of your crossing.   Have fun, because it will all be over way too fast!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Changing of the Guard

This Sunday our Stake Presidency will be released and and a new one will be called.  It has been quite a remarkable experience for John to be a part of President Clark Hinckley's presidency. Not only has it been wonderful for John, but it has been a great experience for each of us as family members as the past 6 and a half years John would come home with stories of the Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley as well as all the great news of our own stake.  We will miss not rubbing shoulders with all of those great men . . . but that's the way the church works.  As my good friend Alice used to say "Happy for the call, happy for the release".