Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dreams Really Do Come True

Two nights ago while watching the evening news, John saw this clip and then shared it with the family.  Before Susan Boyle sang she was a simple women from a tiny village in Scotland, 48 years old and unemployed and now has taken the world by storm because of her voice!  Her life will never be the same.  I have fallen in love with Susan Boyle and the entire idea of what has happened to her.  

Imagine that, me loving to see an almost 50 year old woman making her dream come true . . . While most of us can't sing or dance, we all have dreams and regardless of  of the timetable of when we realize them, it's about having an aspiration or goal and making it happen.  Go Susan!  

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Ball

While attending the Realms of Inquiry Auction that Stewart and Corie invited us to, John supported the school by purchasing a unique collectable that has made some noise in the neighborhood and put more than a few smiles on many faces.  No doubt about it.  John has made his place in history as a true Ute fan (disclaimer: an individual can be a fan of more than one school at the same time, especially during a great football season).  Everyone in the picture above was at one time a student at the U or is currently a student.  The photographer only worked at the U.  Go U of U.

Our two serious Ute Fans on the afternoon after the acquisition of the ball, note the over exuberance on both of their faces!  Such Joy!  If Maren had been here she no doubt would have been apart of this same group.