Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sharon Aposhian Wright

Today the QQQ's had the fabulous opportunity of having a trunk show by Sharon Aposhian Wright, an award winning quilter from Payson, Utah. Not only were her quilts dazzling, but she was as well! As she showed each quilt she allowed us to get to know more and more about her family, life and beliefs. Everyone in the Holliday Library today was overwhelmed at the beautiful quilts that she has artistically put together, from her "quilts with a purpose" to her "banishing Santa" varieties and beyond. It was almost too much to take in all at once. I'm so grateful that I had my camera with me so that I could come home and take a second look at some of the quilts at my own pace. Here are a few of my favorites-- it was so hard to choose!

The one at the very top is called Allegro and Sharon made three quilts from this pattern and they all looked very different- it was amazing. The quilt below is a yo-yo quilt- love it!

The bottom two quilts have both won awards, no surprise.
Can you see the face of Christ in this quilt?
The words printed on the quilt are" If thou seek Him, He will be found"

The name of this quilt is "Light of the World"

For Kathy and I it was an extra special treat because we grew up with the Aposhian's. They lived just off of Aposhian Circle. Sharon was older than we were, Laurel and her other sister was there and said to say hello to Cyndi and Becky and both of her parents were there today. It was lovely to have our Mother there with us.

You know, quilting is a pretty great way to subtly leave your values and beliefs behind for someone else to find. Cool. Way Cool.