Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grand Fundament Principle

Currently I'm serving as the nursery leader taking care of the little tikes in our ward and relearning the lessons I learned so many times before. How to be kind to others, taking turns, trusting that your parents will pick you up, remembering to have joy in simple things. I love who I'm serving with, she is a gem. Jeanne and I are well matched and I'm grateful for the two hours a week we spend together. I do miss the two hours of instruction I had been getting however and so appreciate any feedback I get from family and friends from the meetings they attend. I received an email from one such friend this week- it is priceless because I relate to it so well.

In Gospel Doctrine class a couple of weeks ago, Bruce Stewart apprised us of this most interesting little gem: in sermons given in the summer of 1843, Joseph Smith said that "Friendship is the grand fundamental principle of Mormonism." Isn't that great?? The "grand fundamental principle" is not some black and white checklist of stuff, but rather, it is, simply, friendship. Additionally, he said that "Fuller fellowship among humans beings leads us to fuller fellowship with Deity..."